A Harmonious Song was all my Life’ (Joseph Haydn)


Victoria Hamilton was born and educated in Scotland. She studied painting and design at Glasgow School of Art, and piano and organ at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, before graduating with first class honors in Philosophy from the University of London. Her postgraduate studies were in child and family psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, with a doctorate from the University of London in psychology.

She worked in London as an art therapist in a psychiatric day hospital, liberal arts lecturer at Hornsey College of Art, as a special needs teacher for schools in the Inner London Education Authority and in child guidance clinics for the NHS before emigrating to the US in 1975. She practiced for over 30 years as a psychoanalyst and child and family therapist, and has lectured throughout the US and England. She was a training and supervising analyst in Los Angeles and a member of the International Psychoanalytical Society from which she received the Author of the Year award in 1998. She is the author of many articles and reviews and two books, ‘Narcissus & Oedipus – the children of psychoanalysis’ (1982) and ‘The Analyst’s Preconscious’ (1995). Her articles have appeared in The New York Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement, New Society as well as many professional journals.

She has studied the piano since the age of 5 and, on moving to New York in 2000, she has devoted her time to musical studies, painting and writing. These skills come together in her current work in which she illustrates the piano music that she plays. She lives in New York.